June 25

At least Arizona and Los Angeles continue to lose too.

Who’s fault was last night’s 3-1 loss to the Twins?  Trevor, Jody Gerut, Bud Black, others?

The game turned ugly in the bottom of the 8th with the score tied 1-1.  Michael Barrett led off the inning with a walk and Craig Stansberry singled to LF as a pinch-hitter.  Runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs.  Jody Gerut was next up and a sacrifice was in order, but Gerut has proven to have significant trouble laying a bunt down.  Gerut failed miserably.  He looked lost in two attempts to bunt, then struck out swinging. 

Now, any major league player should be able to put a decent bunt down and use proper technique.  Then again should Bud Black have known that Gerut can’t bunt?  Should he have PH for Gerut with a good bunter and put Scott Hairston in CF?  Or just let Gerut swing away?  I wouldn’t have had a poor bunter try to sacrifice in that crucial situation.  And Gerut needs to learn the simple fundamental of bunting; it is inexcusable.

To continue, Edgar Gonzalez and Brian Giles failed to pick up Gerut/Black with a hit and the game went to the 9th inning still tied.

Trevor Hoffman got the first 2 outs, then gave up back-to-back long HR’s to bring down a chorus of boos from the Petco fans.  The story in the Union Tribune this morning detailed the shock of the team in Padres fans booing Trevor, but I think the frustrated fans were booing the whole team. 

I don’t like booing my favorite teams.  I only do it if a player hasn’t hustled.  And I think that cities who boo loudly for every little mistake hurt their team’s chances in the end (Philadelphia hasn’t won very much at all in any of the 4 major sports).  But San Diego fans don’t boo very often; usually only when very frustrated.  If they indeed booed Trevor, I don’t agree with them, but I think it isn’t the worst thing either.  I am sure most of the fans love Trevor for everything he has done for the team and always will.  They just got frustrated last night.

And I was quite wrong too.  I have been extolling the possibilities of our best lineup of the year if Giles and Kouzmanoff came back.  They came back and scored one measley run off of Kevin Slowey. 

Turn the page…

Yesterday’s Results:

Twins 3, Padres 1

Red Sox 5, D-backs 4

White Sox 6, Dodgers 1

Giants 3, Cleveland 2

Royals 7, Rockies 3


D-backs        40-38        ——

Dodgers        35-41          4

Giants          33-44         6.5

Padres         32-46          8

Rockies        32-46          8

Today:  Twins  7:05 PDT          Maddux (3-5) – Perkins (3-2) 



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