Bad Karma???

Bruce_Bochy.jpg(Disclaimer:  This is not to criticize Bud Black’s managerial skills in any way.  I think he is a good manager and a good guy.)

Bruce Bochy was allowed to walk a year and a half ago.  Did that decision by the front office of My Padres turn the powers of karma against us?

Bochy had just concluded his 2nd straight year as NL West Champions.  To let him walk after that kind of success was bad enough, but factor in he had managed 4 of the 5 division championships (1996, 1998, 2005, and 2006) the Padres have ever won and it was more than just a curious decision.  By the way, Bochy played on the 5th Padres team to win a division (1984).

There were many criticisms of Bochy’s managing style, just like there is of every manager, and every coach, and every GM, and every owner, in every sport.  But he had won two division titles in a row.  And let there be no confusion on the decision…Sandy Alderson let Bochy go.  Just this last week Alderson quickly commented that the Seattle Mariners would not be allowed to discuss their GM vacancy with Kevin Towers, but he allowed the Giants to talk to Bochy.  I love the direction Alderson and the rest of the front office is going with My Padres, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of mistakes.

Since Bochy left to go to the Giants, we failed to make the playoffs last season in one of the worst ways possible; I will not review the circumstances as I have not, and never will, recover from last year.  And this season has been a bad one so far for the Sand and Navy.  The Giants, picked to be one of the worst teams in all of baseball, are doing relatively good.  They are even ahead of My Padres at this point.  There is still half the season to go, so the end may be far different, but it does beg the original question…Do we now have bad karma?

Go Padres!!!

Oh, we lost our 9th game in the last 10 yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday’s Reults:

Twins 4, Padres 3 

Cleveland 4, Giants 1

White Sox 2, Dodgers 0


D-backs      40-39       ——

Dodgers      36-42        3.5

Giants         34-45         6

Rockies       32-47         8

Padres       32-48         8.5

Today:   Mariners  7:05 PDT        Wolf (5-6) – Washburn (2-7) 


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