July 10

Scott Olsen of the Florida Marlins pitched wonderfully leading them to a 5-2 win over My Padres.  Hanley Ramirez and Mike Jacobs both homered to lead their offense.

The only positive for the Padres in the game was the continued hot streak for Scott Hairston.  He went 2-3 including his 5th HR in as many games. 

This has been a very frustrating season and I am actually looking forward to the All-Star Break.  However, I am excited about Saturday’s celebration for the 1998 NL Champion San Diego Padres.  It was a fantastic year and I will have a post regarding that team and the great fun we had that season.

Yesterday’s Results:

Marlins 5, Padres 2

Nationals 5, D-backs 0

Dodgers 2, Braves 1

Mets 5, Giants 0

Rockies 8, Brewers 3


Dodgers         45-46         ——

D-backs         45-46         ——

Giants           39-52            6

Rockies         39-53           6.5

Padres          36-56          9.5

No Game Today



  1. deansbaseballblog

    You’re right…we could all use a break from this dreadful season.

    1998 was a magical year, indeed. It’ll be a while before we experience that again in San Diego.

  2. sdwannabes

    Dean, I’m hoping we’re not too many seasons away. The farm system is vastly improved and there seems to be some really good pitching prospects in AA San Antonio. Let us hope!!!

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