July 18

Back from the break.  Not much has changed as My Padres lost to the Cardinals 4-3.  All the runs St. Louis scored came on HR’s off of Jake Peavy.

The offense was led by the Gonzalez brothers, Edgar and All-Star Adrian, Kevin Kouzmanoff, and Peavy who all had two hits each.  But the big hit failed us when needed. 

I’m still hoping and waiting for our 20 game win streak…

Yesterday’s Results:

Cards 4, Padres 3

Rockies 5, Pirates 3


D-backs         47-48         ——

Dodgers         46-49           1

Giants           40-55            7

Rockies         40-57            8

Padres          37-59          10.5

Today:  @ Cardinals  5:15 PDT          Maddux (3-8) @ Looper (9-7)



  1. Kaybee

    Keep the faith! We could definately have a 20-game winning streak. That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?
    Kaybee (kaybee.mlblogs.com)

  2. sdwannabes


    Ya never know, but I always keep the faith. I am sure living life in a positive state of mind is the only way to stay happy. Unfortunatly, we may need a 30 game winning streak now…LOL.

    Go Padres!!!

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