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We’re Back and still loving our Padres and Chargers!!!

It’s been a long time since we have updated this blog, but the new ownership has energized us. 

Although the Padres our out of the race, unless we don’t lose again this season, they won their 8th game in a row last night.  But the good news is enormous.  Top prospect Casey Kelly made his MLB debut and pitched well.  He showed a lot of poise and athleticism.  If he stays healthy he will be a top three starter.

I am very excited about our future.  And the Dodgers blockbuster trade made me confident we can compete with them.  Their lineup is great, but their pitching is a disaster.  Its Kershaw and ….and….  They gave up their top two pitching prospects in the deal and will now have to pay many more millions this winter to try to get some starters.  Dempster and Grienke won’t make the difference they’ll need to win the division.

It was cool to see the pre-game ceremony for Chipper Jones.  He seemed genuinely happy to get the surf board and have Trevor present him with it.  Have a great retirement Chipper.

Go Padres!!!