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416da2e5-fecb-4548-8a27-1b1a5738c1d0.jpgThe Red Sox organization deserves a lot of credit for bringing back Bill Buckner yesterday as part of their ring ceremony.

However, most people saw it as a way for Red Sox fans to forgive Buckner for his error in the 1986 World Series. 

I saw it as the opposite.  I think it was a chance for Buckner to forgive the media and fans of the Red Sox for the incredibly unfair treatment he and his family have received.

Real baseball fans know that Buckner’s error just symbolized the Red Sox blunders during the 1986 World Series and all their failures over the decades.  There were others which deserved much more of the blame for the loss than Billy, but ignorance prevailed… 

No matter, yesterday was one of the great moments in baseball history that wasn’t part of a game.

P.S.  At least Boston fans didn’t blame a poor, innocent fan for a loss and ruin his life forever.